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TMA-PHR is an online, web – based health system which saves the essential patient medical data, along with their personal information, which could be useful in case of an emergency. This system is based on the interaction of users – patients with the doctors and their medical data.

2TMA’s MaritimeTelemedicine Platform is a cloud-based patient record system designed specifically for the needs of telemedicine consultations in rough environments with limited connectivity such as vessels and oil rigs. This software allows you to create a patient case, collaborate with consulting physicians on the information gathered from the patient encounter and even have a real time video conference with the remote physician.

Portable Telemedicine for Mobile Applications

TMA Telemedicine Case is a portable self-contained telemedicine system that can be configured with the highest quality medical devices and technology required for accurate patient assessment in mobile or remote applications.


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Telematic Medical Applications is a leading Healthcare System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider Telemedicine and Computer science based Healthcare Systems.

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