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TMA-PHR is an online, web – based health system which saves the essential patient medical data, along with their personal information, which could be useful in case of an emergency. This system is based on the interaction of users – patients with the doctors and their medical data.


TMA-PHR  is a healthcare personal record for every user, whether he is a patient or not, which in case of an emergency, would provide important medical data for the doctor. Medical history with all medical examinations (x-rays, triplex etc) would be available to the doctor.


TMA-PHR significantly eases the burden of monitoring medical parameters of chronically ill patients, while enhancing their quality of life. An easy-to-use multi-parameter smartphone application can simultaneously transmit data from up to four medical devices to the TMA-PHR Receiving Center. Once measurements have been recorded into each connected instrument, the smartphone application is activated and transmits all medical data. Equipped with an internal memory and real-time clock, its automatic data transfer is reliable and minimizes human error. TMA-PHR streamlines medical management because it is both time and cost effective.


TMA-PHR would provide language selection and the immediate translation of the elements in the selected language.TMA-RIS combines features that can enhance the workflow of the hospital and lead to a paperless environment.

         TMA-PHR Functionalities

·         Instant retrieval and access to all medical information of the patient

·         Medical profile with all patient’s examinations and prescriptions

·         Examinations classification

·         Tele-Consultation

·         Support of multiple user roles (Administrator, Doctor, Patient).

·         Configure TMA-PHR system settings

·         Overview of patient’s medical measurements

·         Loggin

TMA-PHR Applications

Data collection from devices monitoring:

·         Blood pressure

·         Weight

·         Blood glucose

·         SPO2

·         Respiratory peak flow

·         ECG


·         8 medical devices

·         Internal data memory

·         Real-time clock

·         Automatic shut-down when operation is completed

·         Automatic device recognition and transmission

·         Cellular connection


·         Easy-to-use, one-button operation

·         Transmits up to 6 different medical parameters

·         Increases physician/patient interaction

·         Improves patient education and compliance with treatment programs

·         Affordable solution for ongoing medical monitoring of different parameters

·         Automatic reception at TMA-PHR Receiving Center


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