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TMA recognizes the decisive role of Project Management in the successful planning and implementation of complex projects of Information Technology.

Every project is a unique, but continuous effort. The nature of the project, the conditions of implementation and the results of a project are always differentiated in a smaller of bigger degree, from all the corresponding projects which have been accomplished.

TMA brings to completion every Project Management by having "adopted" mordern methods of administration. Project Management could be designated as the art of administer and coordinate human and material resources during the concretisation of a project so as the predetermined objectives to be achieved in the areas of: aim, cost, time, quality and satisfaction of the participants. The Project Management model which is applied by the company in the area of Health and Providence faces subjects as:


  • Synthesis and Completion: Development of the Project Plan,Implementation of the Project Plan, Total Control of Changes
  • Project Objectives: Beginning, Objectives Planning, Objectives Determination, Objectives Confirmation, Objectives Change Check, Project Plan Development
  • Time Management: Activities Determination, Activities Concatenation, Activities Duration Estimation, Collaborators Network Development, Collaborators Network Control
  • Quality Management: Qualitative Planning, Quality Guarantee, Qualitative Control Management
  • Human Resources Management: Organisation Planning, Crewing, Project Team Development
  • Project Reports and Interaction: Interaction Planning, Information Distribution, Output Reports, Administrative Reports
  • Risk Analysis: Risk Detection, Risk Quantification, Danger Confrontation Development, Danger Confrontation Planning Control


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