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For TMA training is one of the main offered services because basic idea of our corporate philosophy is that knowledge and specificity constitutes the background for the effective and productive use of our products. Training in TMA is achieved via seminars with inter-corporate quality and inside corporate procedures.

System Software

Organisation and concretisation of educational seminars follows the steps below:

  • Investigation of the training needs.
  • Planning of the training program and its adaptation in the productive process of the company by having in mind the knowledge level of the trainees.
  • Concretisation of the training program with functional timetable.
  • Evaluation and inspection of the results of the program.
  • Submission of informative report with the results of the training.

Training Services

  • Consulting of training services for the installation, operation and maintenance of high end technology systems.
  • Consulting of e-learning services (modern and asynchronous training).
  • Multimedia software development - training courses and presentations.
  • Medical and nursing personnel training on issues of health, computer science based healthcare management, medical-technological equipment management, and issues relevant with the objectives of company in general.


TMA frames the projects that materialise with the proportional training and continuous education services, ensuring that the objectives of the collaborating enterprise will be achieved, while the strict processes will continue to be observed and adapted in the needs of enterprising environment. The application training that TMA has developed takes place based on modern methods of support.


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Telematic Medical Applications is a leading Healthcare System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider Telemedicine and Computer science based Healthcare Systems.

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