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TMA provides its customers with the following study and advisory services of high level (Consulting services):

  • Study development of organisation, computerization, information coding in providers of healthcare services.
  •  Study development of feasibility for the integration of a Integrated Infrormative System in providers of healthcare services.
  • Technical study development on the concretisation of bioinformative systems
  • Study development of medical and accomodation equipment of nursing units
  • Technical support services and safety policy studies of computerized systems
  • Study development and implementation of quality control systems
  • Consulting services of organisation administration, computer science, human potential


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Who are we?


Telematic Medical Applications is a leading Healthcare System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider Telemedicine and Computer science based Healthcare Systems.

Our Services

  • Medical Services

  • Telemedicine Integration

  • Nano-sensors

  • Medical equipment

  • Satellite communication

  • Worldwide healthcare coverage